Core 806

The Core 806 provides an eight channel amplifier with all the quality features of the core series amplifiers.

Power management allows you to use all the power in any format across all the channels. The unique integrated DSP is not available on competing models and it includes LIR filters (less latency than FIR) and VX limiting suite (peak, excursion, RSM and multiband). The Aaron B presets can’t be adjusted but you get the bonus of creating presets for any other speaker range.

System Engineer PC software gives you control over all the variables -presets, crossovers, gains, delays, and limiters for remote control, but you have local control via the front panel. The Core 806 is a high quality class D amplifier that gives you superb performance on all applications.


Night clubs/bars
Houses of Worship
Commercial installations

What Aaron says...

When you need an eight channel amplifier, you have the Core 806, optimized for pro audio applications with all the great features you expect from Aaron B products. As a designer or an integrator, you get incredible flexibility as you can select the nominal loads and configure the power for each channel. You don’t need to make compromises between channels.

The technology gives you greater energy efficiency and generates less heat in use, meaning you get to use the power levels to the maximum when you need that facility. You get remote or local control and all the quality features – LIR filters, VX Limiter, integrated DSP, and systems engineer.

The Core 806 is flexible, user friendly, and makes your life easier with more focus on what you want to achieve rather than working out how to manage the system.

Key Features

8 Channel Amplifier
96kHz digital signal processing
Pure Class D amplification
85V to 240V Auto-sensing PSU
Analogue, AES3 and optional Dante inputs
Full front panel user interface
Over-designed switch mode power supply
Manufactured in the UK

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RMS per channel, all 8 channels driven
Model 8 ohms 4 ohms 2 ohms 70/100V
Core 806 750W 750W 750W 750W

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