X-Core X5

The X-Core Series X5 is a four channel amplifiers optimised for lower demanding pro audio applications. Offering a unique advanced amplifier technology combined with tremendous power and lucid integrated DSP audio performance.

Each of the X5’s four channels can deliver 1250 Watts RMS into 2 ohms continuously, or up to 2500 Watts into 4 ohms for a bridged pair of channels. These are not burst or peak power figures, they are the power levels that are delivered by all channels simultaneously.
With the X-Core Series amplifier there is no need to ratio power between channels, you can use all the power in any format as you please, even when the driven with the same dense program material.

Remote control operation is via the PC application ‘System Engineer’. The system engineer application provides convenience and time saving features such as very flexible management of presets, Overlay grouping of Mutes, Gains, Delays and EQ across an entire system.
BvNet is an RS485 based system that allows many X5 amplifiers to be ‘daisy chained’ over hundreds of metres, using low cost ethernet cables without the need for a network switch. You can also connect via USB.
The X5 also provides extensive fault and status logging including driver integrity monitoring. These facilities are usually only associated with very expensive specialised products and this is the first time that they have been made available as standard features for no additional cost.

Signal Processing
The advanced 96kHz DSP is fully integrated into the product and provides an array of unique and genuinely useful features.
Note the amplifier can also be used with any other brand of speakers giving you full manual DSP control. This means your investment in these amplifiers goes wider than other brands.

What Aaron says...

The X-Core Series X5 amplifier is perfect for installations and basic portable use. More suitable for lower demanding applications.
Some examples would be bars, restaurants, houses of worships, leisure centres, theatres or even retail premises.

Great value for money compared to its competitors. With internal DSP, they can be used with our Pure Series or any manual configuration with other brands of speakers. Pre-programmed data files for the Pure & Taste series can be loaded onto the amplifier with a push of a button. This includes Crossover points, Filters, EQ, Limiters, Delay and Gain. These main settings are hidden and cannot be altered. This is to assure consistency in our audio quality and reliability across the globe.

Networking & control is very straight forward. All done via System Engineer and connected using a usb, they can be linked using ethernet cables.
They are very light in weight and easy to power.

The overall experience you will have with this product will be mind blowing.

Key Features

5000 Watts RMS total output
Four channels of pure Class D amplification
96kHz digital signal processing
85V to 240V Auto-sensing PSU
Tamper proof front panel
USB and BvNet network operation
Manufactured in the UK

Download Spec Sheet pdf
Download series brochure pdf


RMS per channel, all 4 channels driven
8 Ohms
4 Ohms
2 Ohms
X-Core X5

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