Warranty Statement:

For all warranty and service enquiries, AARON B will only deal directly with Distribution Partners and Dealers and not a third party or end-users.

The warranty period starts on the date of original purchase. Within the period of its warranty, distributors and dealers of AARON B will replace or repair any product that is defective in material or operation free of charge.

All AARON B products and the parts below are warranted to be free of defects for the specified time.

  • Loudspeakers and components – 3 years.
  • Amplifiers – 3 years.
  • All accessories – 1 year.


Warranty Exclusions:

  • Damage due to wear and tear sustained during routine use.
  • Any damage caused by the incorrect connection, or use of a product, outside of its operational specifications and recommended environment.
  • Damage due to incorrect signal processing, amplification, and over-voltage, causing component failure.
  • Damage to electronic products caused by incorrect voltage or impedance loads.
  • Damage due to incorrect mounting or installation. This clause includes damage to any installation accessories, e.g. wall brackets, yokes and rack panels.
  • Any damage to the amplifier chassis caused by not using rear-load support, or the correct type of racking during transit.
  • Defects caused by unauthorised modifications, negligence, or exposure to extreme weather conditions.
  • Any use of this product caused by not following the instructions in the manual provided by AARON B